Cisla Paradise In The Sky

Web Design for Fictional Island Concept

Cisla is a floating island, inspired by a cruise ship. The island floats around the world, the inhabitants will get to see and live in many destinations around the world while they live here. The island will feature hover craft incase the inhabitants would like to land on a city or country that isn’t schedule. On the countries that are schedule the island would land on water or on a plain and spend a couple of weeks in the location. Cisla is very co-friendly and help the environment trading and bringing better economy to the places they visit. The city will be very modern and feel like a resort, it will also give opportunities to the inhabitants to work and have a profession and all grade level schools.

Cisla Cisla Page 1

Postcard Concept

Concept for futuristic postcard. The paper captures the image, then you can type a message and wirelessly share it with social networks.